The best way to achieve Metin2 yang and level Rapidly

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You ought to attempt to get some improved boots ( 5 6) and metin2 yang then you will get 10 % movement speed. Just go to the item retailer and buy 'wind chaser boots' 30 percent movement speed. You could take on quest from: Level 16-18 slay white oath. It’s far better to read some scroll just before speaking to Garrisons chief. These boots are non-tradeable so let your character to farm them on the same account of the character which you wish to wield them.

Get your characters level 27 to obtain a reward as Rapid move curse 60 percent movement speed. Garrison Chief Break the metin of black and offers a reward of 300.000EXP, Liquor of Speed, Quick Move Curse. You ought to have buy metin2 yang and put some haste 2 3 4 stones into your armor, you may bring an armor level 1 considering that they get no movement speed, these stones are very highly-priced, but you will get some as you farm whilst leveling characters.

It can be not suggested to achieve a number of gear, just earrings; max 20 percent, mainly because hp gear is more useful than those stuff and it can be extra tough to find then not item retailer upgraded 1500 hp stuff. it’s successful and secure to buy cheap metin2 yang from us. Take your shield each of the time in the exception of when it has movement speed. shield has -10 at level 41, and -6 at level 21, so just place it out.

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