Metin2 yang and Mirage Sura Ways

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Metin2 Mirage Sura could be PK kings if built correct and can be a deadly mage killer or assassin, you can use metin2 yang that will help you, and additionally, it can conveniently competent a warrior in later levels. Mirage Sura has more typical stats so they may be attacked. Heavy Int Builds, two:1 Int/Str(Assassin Killer) as a Assassin-Begone create, you'll be able to make assassins disappear in the event you put your expertise right. You'll be a large harm dealer and also the Assassin Killer with quickly speed by a significant margin. You are going to encounter big quantity of harm and be addicted to pots and warriors in PvP would likely win except your have godlike gear. 2:1 Int/Con, this is a lot a PvE develop when this can be not great if you want to have this one go Black Magic. You could reside longer with buy metin2 yang. But your typical attacks would suck you might entirely rely in your magic attacks which it is best to not do for any Mirage.

Heavy Str Builds. two:1 str/Int PvE create totally a nice Partisan Warrior make and superior mage make if set ideal. That is nice for PvE with e ideal abilities you are able to murder Partisan Warriors. But you are going to suffer significant quantity of damage. You may buy cheap metin2 yang to enhance your ability. Heavy Con Builds: 2:1 Con/Int wonderful debuffer build to any Guild War. Def just take significantly less damage but wield a lot of pots. It won’t crap for harm interact with your attack capabilities

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