Metin2 yang and the Details about classes

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Suras have demonic power that is certainly channeled through their arms. They have just handful of friends and usually driven by insatiable want for power. You'll be able to use metin2 yang and pick up from the "Black Magic Force" or the "Mirage Force" when they get level five. Mirage Force emphasizes wielding magic to boost a Sura's melee abilities. Black Magic Force emphasizes mighty ranged magic assaults to beat their foes.

Mages use the elements of nature to help their allies and hit their foes. It’s mentioned that they're the descendats of the gods together with the unearthly beauty. They’re well-spoken, knowledgeable and mysterious. You are able to collect buy metin2 yang to assist your leveling. They always make an army really feel fear as soon as they seem inside a combat. They have low hit points and poor melee abilities. Gamers can choose from the "Dragon Force" or the "Lighting Force" after they get level five.

Assassins are the master of archery and stealth. Only the rarest bodies and minds can survive the essential coaching needed to be an Assassin. They're in a position to alter the tide of a battle with their expertise. Assassins possess the highest dexterity than other classes however they are lightly armored. Gamers can buy cheap metin2 yang and pick in the "Archer Force" or the "Assassin Force" once they get level 5. Warriors are in a position to make a sizable amount of punishment in close quarter combat. They’re charismati and proud, simply collecting flowers and allies nearby. They utilize a blazing spirit and cold steel to guard the world. But their magic is their weakness. Gamers can choose in the "Body Warrior" or the "Mental Warrior" once they get level five.

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