[FF14 Gil]Level 10 Quest - Ul’Dah’s Most Wanted

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Your level 10 class quest reveals that the various attacks on gladiators have something to do with Aldis and his past. ?As you progress through this quest, you are entreated by a fellow Gladiator, Bruce, who needs help fending off a team of lancers.
You trigger this quest in the caves just outside of Ul’Dah in central Thanalan. ?This step of the quest teaches two important mechanics: protecting your healer and avoiding unnecessary damage. ?Bruce can keep you healed, but he does better if you protect him from damage. ?You have an ability called Flash, it’s time to get used to using it.We have a great mass of FF14 Gil in stock.welcome to visit goldvk.com.
It shouldn’t take more than a single flash to keep each pack of lancers off Bruce. ?Once you have the attention of a group of lancers, make sure they are facing away from Bruce. ?Deal with each lancer and Bruce will keep you healed.
At the end of the fight, a named Lancer appears. ?He is a much tougher opponent and Bruce can not heal through all of his damage. ?Keep your eyes open for his big attack - it will leave a red column (splat) on the ground in the area it will strike. ?Every time you see that column, move through the boss to avoid the damage. ?Keep this up and the boss will be downed quite quickly.Goldvk.com supply cheap FF14 Gil with fast delivery and safe trade.

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