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The final fight of the Wanderer’s Palace pits your party against the Tonberry King. ?This is a complex fight. ?Successfully completing this fight requires dealing with adds promptly, but not overly hastily. Additionally, the latter stages of the fight are a DPS check, requiring you to finish off the boss quickly.
We have a great mass of FF14 Gil in stock.welcome to visit goldvk.com.The Tonberry King is located in the center of the battle arena (TK in the image). ?The tank should acquire enmity and keep the King in the center of the map. ?As the fight progresses, small Tonberry’s will spawn at the cardinal points of the map (T in the image). ?These small Tonberry’s will begin working their way to the center to help the King.
DPS should burn down the Tonberry adds, however it is important to be careful here. ?Each Tonberry killed adds a stack of Grudge to the Tonberry King. ?Periodically the King releases all of his Grudge into a mighty attack. ?Four stacks are enough to kill a newly minted level-50 tank. ?Because of this, your DPS should kill three adds, let the King burn his grudge, and then begin killing adds again.
Goldvk.com supply cheap FF14 Gil with fast delivery and safe trade.You must kill the adds, though. ?If enough adds get to the center to help the king, they will cause a wipe. ?So, it’s a measured pace of (1) kill three adds, (2) wait for the
King to blow his grudge, (3) kill three more adds.
In the late stages of the fight, a set of large Tonberry’s will spawn (BT splats in the image). ?These Tonberry’s are a DPS check and should be ignored. ?If left undisturbed, they will simply advance a step every few seconds until they reach the middle. ?If DPS move to far out of the center, though, the large Tonberry’s will notice the players and attack them. ?If the large Tonberry’s are engaged, it’s pretty much a wipe!

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