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I dont know if someone remember this old link, but here it is , if something changes in this new metin version i can change it
Horse guide24th June 2009, 12:04 PMFirst of all i would like to say that there are probably some mistakes in the mobs names ( since i played metin2 pt i had to translate their name) so if you find some name that is incorrect just say it and i will fix it.Why should we upgrade our horse? this is why there are 3 different types of horse: Sorry i couldn't found this image in english so i will translate:Iniciante - Beginner Intermediário - IntermediateAvan?ado - AdvancedUsuário normal - Normal user (without guild)Membro de guild - Guild memberLíder de guild - Guild leader Beginner (you have to be level 25 or higher to have it)Level 1-10You can only use this one to move fasterYou have to pay 100k before you can get himHe only eats hay If your horse dies you need to get the grass of the easy monkeys dungeon (on the second village of your kingdom) Armed/Intermediate (you have to be level 35 or higher to have it)Level 11-20You can use this one to move faster and attack (pretty cool for breaking metins)After the mission 11 you have to pay 500k to have itHe only eats carrot If your horse dies you need to get the grass of the normal monkeys dungeon (in the middle of the desert)Military/Advanced (you have to be level 45 or higher to have it)Level 21In this one you can move faster, attack and make some skillsAfter the mission 21 you have to pay 1kk to have itHe only eats red arala (im pretty sure that this isn't the correct name lol)If your horse dies you need to get the grass of the hard monkeys dungeon (on the south of the desert)Horse statusNormal - Hungry - Starving - Dead - If your horse is hungry, you need to feed him and he will be back to normal.StaminaThe stamina of the horses decreases 1 point every 6 min while riding him, to recover you cant be in the horse and its needed 12 min.If he runs out of stamina you cannot ride him until he recovers.Normal - Tired - exhausted - You can also improve the chance of calling your horse by using ...... (i dont know the name in english tell me if you do) Level--------------% of calling00----------------------10%01----------------------15%02----------------------20%03----------------------30%04----------------------40%05----------------------50%06----------------------60%07----------------------70%08----------------------80%09----------------------90%10----------------------100%For every mission you need a Medal of riding , if you fail you will only loose it in missions 1, 11 and 21. Powered by Goldvk Forum ,the perfessional game raiders forum,including game raides,instance,Game Gold(metin2 yang), equipment, pvp, quests, etc.
Where can you get a medal? In every monkey dungeon one the second village of your kingdom or in the monkeys desert dungeons according to your level.MissionsMission level 1 - Kill 20 wild archers in 30 min.Missions level 2-6 - Walk around the map following the checkpoints (1 or 2) in the first map.Missions level 7-10 - Walk around the map which you are teleported and follow the checkpoints (5) marked on the mapMission 11 - Kill 50 scorpion archer or snake archers in 30 min (you may do this one in group but you have to be the leader).
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